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Generative Transformation AI | The Silicon Valley Lab

If you looked at all the bad press Generative AI is heralding these days, you could be forgiven for thinking humanity was on the verge of extinction. Maybe so.

The cat is out of the bag regarding Generative AI.

As these things go, the cat is not going back in it either. Thus, the only option is to work with it. This is our intention with our Generative Transformation practice.

With all the misconceptions about Generative AI, there is a lot to be said for using it as a tool to augment our work, thought processes, and capabilities of our people.

Many firms across different industries are already using both Generative and standard AI to improve various processes in their value chains. For example, large B2C firms are using generative AI to improve their personalization and recommendation engines. Pharmaceutical firms have been using AI to increase research speed in cancer treatment and infectious disease vaccinations. And there are countless more utilizing the technology to advance their research and development.

This is how we approach Generative AI and the collection of technologies comprising our Generative Transformation practice. To utilize the technology in innovative ways for your workflows which then positively impact your customer and your customer’s customers’ experiences.

The collection includes Generative AI and Blockchain, Web3, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity, Machine Inspiration¹, Metaverse, Quantum Computing, and Over-the-Horizon Technologies.

The key to understanding if and how to use or simply explore these technologies for your firm relies on a deep understanding of your workforce, your customers, and your customers’ customers. (Human-Centered Design has entered the chat)

Within these explorations, opportunities are discovered and, like any other Human-Centered Design project, naturally impact the strategy of a firm. In turn, the strategy impacts the core of the firm. In turn, changes may or may not take place, some radical and transformative, some not at all.

The point is to understand, in-depth, the context of your situation and if, how, and when Generative Transformation is a good fit for the direction in which you want to head.

After all, the status quo can hold for only so long in today’s hyper-competitive business climate. While these technologies and new, potential processes may seem scary, they are not.

We believe in ethical computing at TSVL. We help CEOs navigate the ever-changing landscape to increase the valuations of their firms. But never at the cost of people, culture, and humanity.

Just as Plato wrote, “like begets like”, and creating good creates more good. We’ve done this for decades and will continue to do so with the latest technologies on hand.


1. Artificial Creative Intelligence: Breaking the Imitation Barrier, Chen, R., Dannenberg, R.B., Raj, B., Singh, R., Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science. 11th Annual Conference on Computational Creativity, Portugal, 2020.

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